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Hi! I’m Marek. I’m a recent law school graduate, young environmental lawyer and a huge fan of moot court competitions.  I believe they made my years at the university much more interesting and are an experience every law student should have (or at least consider). I decided to create this blog to help everyone interested in moot court competitions learn what they are, where to find them, how to prepare for them and get the best out of participating.

When I started my moot court adventure back in 2013 I really didn’t know much. There were limited resources on the internet, no books or guides. If it wasn’t the people who coached me and share their knowledge with me, I wouldn’t have enjoyed them so much (no to mention achieving any successes!). However, thanks to my coaches I could learn and develop skills necessary not only to do well during competitions, but also to become a good lawyer able to thrive in the competitive environment everyone has to deal with nowadays. You can also get addicted, as I did 🙂 During three years of law school I took part in five competitions, helped in organizing a couple more and once I graduated, I started coaching the teams of my university.

At the same time, I understand not everyone is lucky enough to come across people who will share their knowledge, views and experience. That’s why I would like to fill this gap with my blog.

Why reading this blog is worth your time?

If you ever wondered:

  • how to do something useful and exciting at the same time;
  • how to put the theory you learn at your law school into practice;
  • how to improve your chances of getting the job you want;
  • what moot court competitions are – and why they are an answer to the three first issues 🙂
  • are moot courts worth your time and efforts;
  • and how to make the best of them…

…then you should follow this blog. You will find all kinds of information, resources, advice, and hints that will help you. If you are entirely new to mooting, I suggest you start here.

I’ve one small request: if you believe anything you find on this blog is useful or valuable for anyone you know, please share it! The fact that I can help more people motivates me enormously.

Thank you for having read through this lengthy introduction. I hope we will stay in touch!

Best wishes,

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