How to Win Moot Courts – New Year plans!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you have already recovered from the New Year’s Eve parties you attended. I wish you all the best in 2018 – and in particular, a lot of successes in moot courts!

New year is obviously the time when we make resolutions and plans. How to Win Moot Courts Blog is not different: there is a lot of new content I would like to share with you and a couple of exciting projects I am hoping to complete by the time 2018 is over! What am I planning to deliver in the upcoming months?

1. Three new seasons of the Moot Court Advocacy Series

After sharing some basic information and advice regarding written advocacy, oral advocacy and teamwork I would like to dig deeper. I am working on new articles regarding advanced oral advocacy, fundraising for the purpose of taking part in a moot, as well as organization of pre-moots and conferences.

2. Three new guides for particular moot courts

2017 was quite a busy year for the blog – not only due to content creation, but also because of new relationships I tried to make to develop How to Win Moot Courts further. I am very happy to announce that together with organizers of three large moot courts I decide to prepare special guides dedicated entirely to these competitions. I cannot disclose more yet, but I am very excited about this cooperation and hope it will turn out to be useful for participants.

3. …and a small surprise I cannot disclose yet.

One week from now, How to Win Moot Courts Blog is celebrating its 1st anniversary. To celebrate it, I am going to launch a new channel through which you will be able to learn a lot more. Stay tuned – I am sure you will love it!

All the best,



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