Moot Court Advocacy Series – Season III: ‘Teamwork’, Episode VII: ‘What Makes It a Paradise’

In the last post I wrote a lot about the ‘dark side’ of working in a team – and all the things that can go wrong. This time let’s be positive and check what you need if you want to create a real dream team!

  1. Problem-solving attitude

When you face a crisis – focus on it and fix it. Every moot court is a huge and work-intensive project, so a little spark can quickly turn into a large fire if you ignore it. If you and your teammates are a part of the solution and a part of the problem your cooperation will be significantly better. Making it happen is not rocket science – focus on the issues, not on the people. Be proactive in finding answers to academic, organizational and personal challenges you might encounter. Remain open to what others propose. Remember that you are interdependent and that our success depends on how well you do as a team.

  1. Coherent approach of the team

Teamwork makes sense only if everyone is equally dedicated. Make it clear at the very beginning what is your approach as a team: are you taking part in a moot to win it, just to learn from the experience or maybe your motivations are entirely different? Every reason and every goal is equally good as long as it is shared by other members of your team. When half of your teammates is relaxed about the competition and the other half – extremely motivated to win it is a recipe for frustration and failure. However, when you all share the same approach the overall experience will be positive and you should be satisfied with the outcome of your hard work.

  1. Balance between fun and work

Moot courts are not only about hard work, drafting memos till late at night and spending your weekends on pleadings. It is true that if you want to succeed, you need to put a lot of effort into it. However, you must not forget that mooting, as every sport, is also about pure joy of doing it. Whether you crave excellent results or do not care about them that much, you expose yourself to a lot of unnecessary stress when you reject the fun part. Take advantage of the acquaintances you make, the places you can visit, the events you can attend and the progress you experience as a person and as a lawyer. Finding the middle ground might prove tricky, but ensures you and your team are satisfied with the moot experience.

I wish you all a lot of team spirit!

All the best,


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