Oral advocacy

Here you fill find articles from the Moot Court Advocacy Series that explain how to win a moot court oral argument.

Bear in mind, though, that oral arguments are a highly subjective part of the competition. Some arbitrators (and even your coaches) may disagree with certain points I make here or care too little to even take them into account. And it is OK – however, I am convinced that the advice and strategies presented here are the most broadly acceptable average of views on how a successful pleading looks like.

Oral Advocacy – Season II of the Moot Court Advocacy Series

1. Episode I: Mindset and Goals

In this episode you will learn what is the best approach to take if you wish to plead well during the oral part of moot court competitions.

2. Episode II: Before You Start Talking

In this episode we discuss all basic steps you should make before you address the tribunal.

3. Episode III: Structure and Flow

This episode is dedicated entirely to the way in which you should deliver your pleading so that it sounds both natural and coherent.

4. Episode IV: Good Manners Matter

This episode discusses the appropriate demeanor every counsel should present during a pleading.

5. Episode V: Five Bad Habits You Can Avoid

This episodes builds up on Episode IV and discusses five main mistakes that counsels commit when they address tribunals.

6. Episode VI: Top Five Body Language Tips

This episodes focuses on body language and using it to counsels’ advantage.

7. Episode VII: Five Steps Towards a King’s Speech

This episodes is dedicated to the way you should articulate phrases and use your voice while pleading.

8. Episode VIII: Your Desk is Your Castle

This episodes describes how your desk should be arranged so that it is both convenient for you and appealing to tribunals.

9. Episode IX: The Essentials of Time Management

From this episode you will learn how to make sure you never run out of time while pleading and what to do if it happens.

10. Episode X: Handling Questions Like an Expert

This episode discusses how to approach questions from moot court tribunals.

Advanced Oral Advocacy – Season IV of the Moot Court Advocacy Series

1. Episode I: Storytelling

This episode explains why a good pleading is at the same time a good story – and how to achieve this level of pleadings’ sophistication.

2. Episode II: The Art of Rebutting and Surrebutting 

This episode gives advice regarding rebutting and surrebutting.

3. Episode III: Spicing It Up

This episode discusses a number of figures of speech you should and should not use in your pleading to make it more persuasive.

4. Episode IV: Interaction with Arbitrators

This episode focuses on how to turn your arbitrator into your fan and ally.

5. Episode V: How to Fight Stress

This episode provides solutions for those of you who need to control stress better in order to plead better.