Starting with the basics: What is a moot court?

If someone asks me what a moot court is, I always answer – the best thing that can happen to you during law school.

More technically and in the widest sense, moot courts  (sometimes known also as mock trials) are simulations of dispute resolution. They try to recreate a real-life proceedings in a student environment.  In other words, you have the chance to become some you probably crave to be: an attorney representing interests of the client.

Moot courts, just like regular proceedings, often involve preparing written memorials for both parties to the dispute and a simulated hearing in front of judges or arbitrators. Sometimes elements of mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution are added.

Moot courts come in all sizes and shapes. They are local, national or international. They can be held in English, Spanish, French, Polish or any other language. May simulate litigation, arbitration or proceedings before international courts, tribunals or institutions. Require a small or a large team of people. Take little time or months of preparation.

This variety might be at times a little overwhelming, but thanks to it, you may basically choose the competition that suits your interests, needs or plans best.

So, that would be it for the definition. If anything is unclear, let me know in the comments or write a message – I will be happy answer all your questions.


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