Teamwork is an essential skill for both written and oral part of each moot court competition.

Teamwork – Season III of the Moot Court Advocacy Series

1. Episode I: When You Plead

This episode discusses how you should work together during a moot court pleading.

2. Episode II: Useful IT Tools

In this episode I describe useful, convenient and free IT tools that will help coordinate your team’s efforts.

3. Episode III: When You Write

The episode explores how you organize your work during the written stage of the competition so that you deliver an excellent memorandum – and survive the process.

4. Episode IV: Coach

This episode digs into the challenges you face while working with your team’s coach.

5. Episode V: Sources

Episode V is dedicated to different sources which you can research as a team in order to find authorities and case law to support your arguments.

6. Episode VI: What Makes It a Nightmare

The episode focuses on bad practices and examples of behaviour which are destructive to your team.

7. Episode VII: What Makes It a Paradise

This episode demonstrates how to make your team’s participation in a moot court a pleasure that everyone would like to experience again.

8. Episode VIII: Passing On the Knowledge

Episode VIII outlines how to make sure your moot knowledge and experience is not lost when you graduate so that future generations of mooties from your law school can benefit from it, too.